Sunday, April 17, 2011

You're In A Cult?!

I am happy to report that my day today was considerably better than yesterday. The main reason for this was because the cafe manager, we'll call him Shorty because he's short and always gets made fun of for it, was there today, and I will tell you, this guy always makes work fun. He has a great sense of humor.

One of the best parts of today was when we were cleaning up during a lull between customers. He was wiping down the salad station and stepped on a crouton. He proceeded to say, "Awe, I crunched a crouton!" But because all the equipment we have makes it absolutely impossible to hear anything that's not two inches in front of your face, and I wasn't looking at him, I heard him say, "Awe, I punched a crouton!" Which obviously made me stop what I was doing and ask, "You punched a crouton? Why?" We had a laughing fit and he told me what he really said but then turned around and handed me a crouton and asked me if I wanted to punch it. Naturally, I accepted the offer and proceeded to punch the crouton. It broke into a million little crumby/ garlic-y pieces. Shorty asked me if it broke and I said, "It sure did!" And as he was walking away he said, "Oh man, you're so strong!" To which I replied, "I know! I'm like the Hulk!" And because of the equipment, yet again, he heard me say, "I know! I'm in a cult!" And then the whole thing started all over again. We had a great little laugh, and we now have a nice little inside joke. "Why are you so strong?!" "Because I'm in a cult!"

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  1. haha, i too can attest to the fact that having funny people around at work always make it a better place. inside jokes are the best :)