Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Walking, Breathing Birth Control

I am one of those people who is not really at all worried about having children. It is my opinion that they are cute to look at up until a certain age, and then after that, I want nothing to do with them. I also think that it is disgraceful that we can't take care of the numerous amounts of children who don't already have parents or homes, yet humans just keep on procreating like it's nobody's business. (Even though in the end, it becomes everybody's business.)

I just got back from Khol's, and let me tell you. It was like it had been temporarily turned into a daycare or something. I was thoroughly disgusted with the amount of parents who had brought their children along with them so they could shop at 8 P.M. What I will never understand is why women feel the need to not only drag their children along with them to the store, but also their husbands. I am willing to bet my nonexistent left nut (I don't have a right one either, it's just an expression. I definitely only have lady parts.) that 98% of the husbands/boyfriends in there tonight did not want to be there. I took one look at most of them and saw that blank stare that most guys get when they are super bored because they got dragged to the store. So here's an idea: let your husbands stay at home WITH your children! That way everyone is happy. Your husband gets to get out of going shopping, and I don't have to listen to your children scream and cry and fight all over the store, and then I can shop in peace.

In all seriousness though, when I see children screaming and crying and acting completely obnoxious out in public, that is seriously all the birth control I need. I take one look at that crap and it makes me seriously consider becoming a nun. Ok, maybe not something that extreme, but I definitely cringe at the thought of ever becoming a parent. I think that some people are cut out to be parents, and some people are not. Luckily, I have realized that I fit into the latter description at a very early age. 

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