Sunday, April 10, 2011

Can I Just Say...

I absolutely love Mumford and Sons. I look at this picture, and I am seriously in love with it. I just love how mysterious it is. But at the same time there's something friendly about it too. I'm going to see them in June and I absolutely cannot wait. I've waited to see these wonderful, amazing human beings for such a long time now. 

One thing I absolutely love about them is how unique they are. It almost makes me sad that they are so popular. But that's mostly because I'm selfish and want them all to myself- but who doesn't, so alas, they are popular. But despite their popularity, I still feel like their next album will be as wonderful and unique as the first one. I feel like these are men who can avoid being sucked into the mainstream thinking/living style. 

Another thing I love about them is the imagery that goes along with their music. It's truly captivating. Being a film student, I've had this idea for a music video for "Dustbowl Dance" for sometime now and it would be a dream come true to actually take that idea and make it real... I think I'll add that to my "Life Goals" list. 

And I don't know if it's just me, but the mere thought of these guys and their music makes me want to go live in a countryside somewhere in the UK. I'm planning on having a second home when I make enough money and I think a home that reminds me of Mumford and Sons would be just peachy!

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