Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Question Box Extraordinaire

If you are in college, I have no doubt that you will be able to relate to this, because I have had a conversation about this with almost everyone I know at school. 

There is always one (at the very least) in every class: The Question Box. That one person who has to ask a question about every single thing the professor talks about. This person, or people, seem to not be able to figure anything out for themselves. Or they ask a question about something completely irrelevant, leaving the rest of the class to all look around at each other silently asking themselves, "Who the hell let this nut case in here?"

Well, needless to say, I have the pleasure (not) of having one of these people in every single class I have this semester. Well, I take that back. All of them except one. But I think that's because it's a continuing class from last semester, and there was a Question Box in there that asked enough questions to last 4 semesters, and thankfully, he no longer resides in that class. 

The first class I have that has a (I'm going to abbreviate now) Q.B. is my American Cinema class. I have nicknamed said Q.B. in this class Scooter Girl because even though this classroom is only, at maximum, a two minute walk from the parking lot, she still rides a scooter to class. And I don't mean a motorized one. I mean the little foldable metal ones that you rode when you were like, 5. This is also the person who seat-jacked me in one of my previous posts, so I already don't like her, but to intensify my great dislike for her, she also feels the need to ask incredibly stupid question all the time. For example, we watched "No Country For Old Men" the other day, and when the movie was over, she was the first one with her hand up, and do you know what she asked? She asked if the film was supposed to be considered a Western, even though for the past two weeks we had been watching Westerns, because we are in our WESTERN genre unit. I wanted to reach over and hit her with her scooter. It's a MODERN western, you insufferable fool. 

The next class I have  Q.B. in is my TV Production class. This girl, I don't have a nickname for her yet, somehow has an internship at a TV station already, and it is beyond me how she got it because her IQ cannot possibly be higher than that of a blade of grass. She has no common sense about anything and is confused practically all the time. It is exhausting to be within 20 feet of her.

And then in my math class, there are these two older ladies that sit right next to each other and I'm pretty sure are in cahoots with each other as far as asking stupid questions go. They always try to correct our teacher, who happens to be a very well respected engineer teaching the lowest level math class there is, and they are constantly trying to prove him wrong. It is insane the kinds of questions they ask, and I am always so baffled by them that I don't even have an example question because I feel like if I remembered any of the questions they asked, I would lose IQ points.

Finally, I would like to talk about Baldy. He was the Q.B. from last semester in my Energy Science class. He sat in the front row and he was bald (hence the nickname) and this guy was a wannabe know it all, and would always confuse the crap out of my professor with the questions he would ask. He was the kind of Q.B. that makes everything more difficult than it has to be. The typical over-thinker. He drove everyone bonkers. I always felt bad for my professor because he would always try to ignore him for as long as possible, but because Baldy was in the front row, he always had no choice but to call on him, and you could just tell he was dreading it. Poor guy.

It's too bad no one has come up with a way by now to weed out the Q.B.'s and just take them and clump them all together in classes with other Q.B's and just let them ask questions until their mouths fall off or something. Maybe one day someone will. I can hope, right? 


  1. I hate those people with a passion its like shut up! Last semester I had this douche who was a QB in my philosophy class. He super annoying and incredibly verbose and would always be giving definitions and explanations to the class which was redundant as it was an upper level class which means everyone in there either had Philosophy as a major or minor. It’s like we took the same classes asshat we know what you are referencing you don’t have to give a lecture every time you want to make a comment.

  2. Oh! I hate such people too. I have a classmate who does that all the time. She asks the most stupidest questions ever.
    Nice blog :D

  3. I hate those people too. you can look around the room and you can just tell everyone hates them. I was friends that "that girl" in my one class and every time she would ask a questions, I would cringe. [love your background]

  4. yes, and I always feel like I'm more annoyed than everybody else. =P