Monday, April 11, 2011

Being Honest Can Sometimes Offend People. Who Knew.

So, I have this night class that I am required to take for my major, and to clump it all together in a nutshell, I pretty much hate it. Not only is it at the worst time ever (aka 6 p.m., the exact time I should be eating dinner and maybe watching a movie or something) but it is also full of very strange people who I feel, for whatever reason, don't like me very much. Since Day 1 I have been nothing but friendly, mildly chatty, and open-minded towards these people and what do I get in return? Strange looks and that little, uncomfortable laugh people do (add in the shifty eye thing too) when they don't want to talk to you. I really don't understand it. At all. But, whatevs. I've been received in worse ways, so I'll take the subtle uneasiness along with the shifty-eye, I guess.

Onwards with my story though. Tonight we were doing a run through of a few interactive projects that we have due starting next week, meaning we all had to interact with each other. I was surprised at how well it was going for me- I wasn't getting as many strange looks as I usually do- when it was my turn to be in the spotlight. (These "projects" are more like fake interviews and since they were just practices, none of us really had anything written down, so we just talked about whatever we wanted.) Both myself and my interviewer had no idea what we should talk about for four minutes straight, so I went with a safe subject (or so I thought): Music. Well, we started talking about how most anyone can get a record deal these days, and I went on to say that this is something I find absolutely atrocious. I mean seriously. In today's world, you can get signed if you can choke out your ABC's/ days of the week into a mic attached to a computer that has auto-tune on it. (Yes, I'm talking about you, Rebecca Black, or whatever your name is. Does Friday really come after Thursday? I keep getting confused. Maybe I'll go listen to your horrific song once I've stopped puking and it will remind me. But then I'll have to go puke again, so, maybe I won't.)

But anywho, I then started talking about the bands I'm into who aren't completely awful (like Florence + the Machine and Mumford & Sons- love them!! They seriously need to tour together. It would make my life.) And then, once I was done gushing about how awesome they are, my interviewer asked me to name some of my least favorite artists. Big Mistake. I should have lied. However, I suck at thinking about that kind of thing on the spot, so I went with the truth. Not only that, but I had absolutely no idea it was a trap. (But I should know better. It's always a trap.) And who should I name off but Justin Bieber and Nickelback. The two things I despise in the music world. And right then and there, I was no longer even slightly popular with some of my classmates who had decided I was OK to talk to.

After I was finished being interviewed, there were a few people in my class who wouldn't even look at me. It was like I had insulted their dead grandmother for a full four minutes or something. Had I known I was in a class mostly full of people who have been struck with Bieber-fever and Nickleback-lovers I would have dropped the class the first night. I suppose I could still drop the class if I begged the Dean and explained my nightmarish situation to him, but I still wouldn't get my money [nickel] back. (My attempt at a bad pun. Sorry it sucks.) Therefore, I will be the object of my fellow classmate's hateful deathglares for the rest of the semester. Not only that, but I will now always second guess myself before I decide to be honest. Well, more so than usual at least.

On and end note, it is possible that I've blown this completely out of proportion and mistaken the three people who glared at me for the entire class, and the rest of them still just think I'm weird or something, but seeing as none of them will talk to me either way, I guess I'll never know. Whatever will I do? o.O

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