Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Don't Like the Procrastination, But the Procrastination Likes Me

Blogging is slowly taking over my life, for real. I'm sitting here writing this even though I don't really have anything in particular to say, but writing a blog about nothing is naturally better than doing the work for school that I really should be doing. And I also didn't really feel like alphabetizing my entire DVD collection or cleaning my room, so this was the best choice, really.

Said school work consists of several things that I have been putting off for a while now, and the due dates are rapidly approaching me like a boulder that's been flung from a ginormous slingshot straight at my bemused face, but do you think that has affected my position on doing the work? Not at all. Maybe if a huge, scary black guy jumped out in front of me and screamed, "Bitch you be trippin'! You best work on that school shit!" I would be a little more inclined to work on it, since no one wants to get beat up by a big, scary black guy. Unless you're in Fight Club. But even then you wouldn't be able to tell anyone. (And I know there was no big, scary black guy in Fight Club, but if there was there would no doubt be quite a few people who wanted to fight him.)

On a different note, I was thinking about a way to make people follow the rules of the road earlier today, because I'm pretty sure the city I live in has the most horrid drivers I've ever seen (except people in Iowa. Now that is some truly disgraceful driving. Just because you live on a farm and it takes you 45 minutes to get to town every week does not mean you should take that frustration out in the tired girl driving in front of you who's simply passing through. I honestly felt like I had a raging growth on my ass or something with the way people there tailgate.) But anyway, I was thinking about how smartphones can pretty much do everything and anything these days, and you can practically take over the entire world with the help of all the apps that are out there, so why not take that wonderful technology and apply it to cars? Make a truly "smart" car that doesn't let people drive like raging idiots! I think it's a brilliant idea. I'll accept my Nobel Prize now.

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