Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Can Eat Shit

This is basically how I felt going in to work today, except I wasn't hung over or out of coffee, and I don't smoke anymore. This would be more accurate if it said
Worked all weekend, have better shit to do, and Easter is a shit holiday to work on. So why the hell am I here? (The cigarette would just be there for effect. And I am not cool enough to own a shirt with a monkey with wonky hair on it. My shirt is dark blue with bleach stains on it, naturally.)

Now, I am really not religious, so the fact that I had to work on Easter didn't bother me on a spiritual level. Really what bothers me is the fact that the owners of my place of work are arrogant enough to think that people give a flying rat's ass about their rinky-dink shit-hole on a huge Christian holiday. I didn't even get paid overtime for working today. And do you know what I think about that? I think that is some really shitty shit and I almost wanna kick someone's ass. 

Allow me to paint the scene for you: It is 8:30 A.M. and it is cloudy, windy, cold and rainy. There is still ridiculous amounts of heavy snow on the ground from last night's mid-April snow shit-storm. The beat up, slightly cool-looking, but secretly shitty sports car that is reluctantly driving down the road did not want to start and is still pretty pissed off it had to leave the driveway on this asswagon of a day. The disgruntled girl driving said shitty sports car is late to work (again) and is extremely peeved at having to come into work today because she is smarter than the airheads she works for and knows today is going to be slower than molasses in January. The disgruntled girl begins her work day, thankful for the lovely radio in the prep room- the only reason she enjoys work most days- and tunes to her favorite radio station. The day doesn't seem so bad at this moment. She continues with her morning prep work and pals around with her coworkers when they all arrive. They finish the prep work early and continue to waste time until they must announce they are open to the three people in the entire store. Soon enough, the time comes for the announcement. By this time there are maybe four people around and guess what? None of them give a pig's fat arse. 

A few hours pass. The cafe workers are disgruntled and bored, to say the least, and have maybe served one person. They have literally cleaned everything ten times and have taken to making invitations to a fake tie-dye party that only girls are allowed to attend. This party actually becomes somewhat legitimate and the workers seriously consider marking it on the calendar.  

And then, out of nowhere, this huge ass family comes in and decides they want to eat the crappy food the workers have been anxiously waiting to serve. The workers are surprised, and kind of put off. There are people who actually want to eat the garbage disguised as food on Easter Sunday? This family seriously had nothing better to do than come here today? Holy shit on a mossy log. I never thought I'd see the day. They make the food. And guess what? This annoyingly large family who obviously lacks the mental ability to recognize a shit-hole when they see one started a trend. Because another huge, weird family came in and ordered food. 

By this time, the main character of this story is seriously annoyed with pretty much everything. This is stemming from the fact that she is kind of the odd one out here. This means that although she loves her coworkers because they all have wonderful senses of humor and don't mock her for her strange and uncontrollable cat noises she sometimes makes, they are all still fairly new, and she has been at the chopping block for four years now. This kinda sorta leaves all the responsibility on her. The management staff is counting on her to be responsible and make sure everything gets done the way it needs to be and people get their food in a timely fashion, and there is no paper stuck to the cheese slices and the burgers aren't burned to a crisp. Now normally the main character doesn't mind. But today she does because the whole damn day is just annoying her. For whatever reason she starts thinking about the fact that every weekend she is left to fend for herself with no proper title of authority. No one in the cafe listens to her or takes her seriously because she doesn't have a gold name tag that tells everyone they have to. This leads to management always coming in and bitching about the fact that no one is doing anything. 

So guess what? After this mind-opening revelation, the main character stops caring. She realizes that being responsible on a managerial level is not in her job description, so she no longer makes an effort to be the bigger person. And then she gets sent home early because she gets seen not doing anything. Does this surprise her? No, because that's the way the shit clogs the toilet. 


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  1. lol! The way you described the whole day is funny. Even I get annoyed easily so I totally get it. :)