Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Am I Doing.

I have so much shit I need to do today. Important shit, too. The only thing I have been successful with today is getting my coffee and exercising. Why am I sitting hereee?!

Because, well, I have to plan everything out in my head and think on it for a while and then go do it. It's like I have to plan out every possible detail, and then think up every crazy scheme that could go wrong, plan for that, and then sit there for a while longer, and then I go do something else. All that planning for nothing. Hopeless I am. (I just watched Star Wars IV, V, and VI last night so I am feeling very Yoda-like today.)

What I really need to do is wrap my two best friend's birthday presents because I will probably be seeing them tonight and I would rather not be taping my packages in the car outside his house for once. And I need to go tanning because I'm on the verge of blinding someone with my white-ness.

But most importantly, I need to work on my directing project. I am doing the scene from Heathers where J.D. convinces Veronica to kill Heather #1 with liquid drainer and then the aftermath after that. I have so many things I need to plan out and so many papers I need to fill out, it's being filmed in two weeks for shit's sake! I wonder all the time why I do this to myself. Why don't I just move to California already and open up my own tie-dye shirt shop on the beach like I always wanted to. Then the hardest decision I would have to make was whether I wanted to start work at 10 or 11. And what colors should I put on this shirt? Blue and green? Red and yellow and purple? Oh em geeee, too many choices, whatever will I do?! Gosh that sounds so wonderful right now. And do you know what would happen after I open this shop? Everyone will love my awesome shirts so much that they will tell all their friends and then a very hot movie star will hear about it and come in to my shop one day and he will love me the second he sees me and we will live happily ever after on the beach.      Ugh.     I am such a typical girl. I know that will never happen, but it's fun to think about anyway.

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